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The Ink Elves Team Writes Blog Posts So You Don’t Have To

We’re sure you understand the value of posting fresh content on your website regularly, but we bet you don’t have time to write it. That’s where Ink Elves come in. Our talented writers are used to crafting content on every subject under the sun. They love to write – and it shows in their work.

The Ink Elves writers don’t produce poorly written fluff stuffed full of keywords to please the search engines. That’s not our style at all. If you want that type of content, we politely suggest you look elsewhere, because we take pride in our work and quality comes as standard when you buy content from us.

Ink Elves started off as a blog writing company. We have grown and expanded our repertoire a great deal in the last few years, but blogging is still our core service and we are experts in the art of blog writing.

Why You Need a Blog

Blogging is incredibly important. Fresh content keeps the search engines interested in your website. It also attracts readers and gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise. The problem is that most people are far too busy running their businesses to have time to sit down and produce regular content for their company’s blog. So they don’t – and before long their blog is left languishing in the internet version of Siberia.

Even if you do have a bit of spare time, blog writing soon gets old when you have to think of something to write about week in and week out. This is why it’s a good idea to outsource your blog content to Ink Elves!

The Art of Blog Writing

Blogs should be informative, interesting, engaging, and well written. Keywords are important from an SEO perspective, but ultimately the aim of the game is to write for the reader not a search engine, although we are happy to include keywords in the content if requested. Our writers take the time to research their subject, so the content is factually correct. They are familiar with SEO, so content is always crafted with the latest recommendations in mind.

The Ink Elves blog writing service is built with you, our loyal customers, in mind. We write for you, so we are happy to follow any directions you give us. We can handle any orders, large or small, regular content or one-off purchases.

If you would like to give our blog writing service a try, contact us today to find out how our blog posts can improve your website’s visibility.