eBook Ghostwriting

Hire the Ink Elves Ghostwriters to Pen Your Next eBook

Writing is something that comes naturally to us. We started off as a blog writing service and we have since grown into a thriving content agency. But we still love to write, and long-form content is our specialty.

We Write Your eBook So You Don’t Have To

Do you have an idea for a ‘how-to’ eBook, but you don’t have the time or inclination to write it?

Would your brand benefit from an informative eBook you can distribute to clients?

Do you have a burning ambition to publish the next Fifty Shades, but you need a helping hand to craft all those naughty scenes?

Ink Elves is here to help!

Why eBooks are a Valuable Marketing Tool

eBooks are downloadable. This gives them enormous value as a marketing tool. You can showcase your authority by writing on a topic in-depth. Neil Patel lists eBooks as his #2 method of generating leads. Long-form content that’s 3,000+ words drives more traffic and boosts conversions. It adds value and readers love it.

Patel is not alone in recognising the value of eBooks. If you are looking to push your content marketing right out of the ballpark, eBooks are the way to do it.

  • Use eBooks to strengthen your brand. Make an eBook the heart of your marketing campaign by repurposing extracts and snippets in your social media posts and other promotional materials.
  • Attract new subscribers to your email marketing list. Add a CTA on your website where people can sign up to your mailing list in return for a free eBook. This is a proven strategy that works.
  • Promote your eBook via social media to build social trust.

Our talented Ink Elves will write your eBook.

The Ghostwriting Process

Discuss your ideas with us, tell us how long the book needs to be, and we will research the content and produce an outline or suggested plot for your approval.

Once you’re happy with the proposed outline, we can get started on writing your eBook. Our ghostwriter will work hard at creating original content in line with your ideas.

Next, the first draft will pass through our proofreading and editing service. If corrections and changes are needed, they happen now.

Once your eBook is written, you can publish your eBook online, create a download link from your website, or send it to clients as part of a marketing campaign.

We can even design a cover for you if required for a small fee.

That’s it!

Contact us today for a quote for your next eBook. Our elves can’t wait to get started!