Product Descriptions

Seduce Customers with Persuasive Product Descriptions

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to selling products online, this is not necessarily the case. Yes, you do need some great images of your products, but images alone won’t be enough to persuade a customer to hit the “buy it now” button.

Make or Break a Sale

The quality of your product descriptions will literally make or break a sale. If key information is omitted, the customer will walk away.  Using the right format is also critical. Mobile is changing the way we view online content, so text needs to be quick and easy to read. Bullet points can be effective, but they won’t necessarily be right for your products.

The Ink Elves writing team is highly skilled at crafting persuasive product descriptions, no matter how unexciting your products are. We can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, but we can make purple widgets sound rather more interesting than they are in real life.

Engage Your Reader

A great product description is more than a list of attributes. You are selling an experience. Make the reader feel as if they are buying something special and they are more likely to invest. Creating enticing mental images helps to stir the reader’s imagination, so if you are selling a BBQ, some tantalising descriptions of tasty, marinated steak or freshly cooked, extra juicy sausages, would be perfect.

It is possible to go too far, of course, particularly with highly technical products. After all, nobody wants to read half a page of gushing purple prose when shopping for air compressors.

The best product descriptions address the buyer personally. It helps if you know who your target buyer is, as using the right language is critical. Technical product descriptions work best when flowery language is kept to a minimum. Instead, stick to the key specifications.

The Devil is in the Detail

Buyers usually read product descriptions because they want more information; information an image can’t provide. Our writers are skilled at turning a dry list of technical specifications into an interesting piece of text. We can produce short product descriptions for e-commerce sites or longer descriptions for service providers.

Compelling product descriptions offer a quantifiable benefit to your business. Your customers will be more confident about their purchases and your website will rank higher in organic searches.

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