4 Good Reasons to Outsource Your Company’s Content

Laura Ginn

Creating content is hard work.

Many startup owners who choose to perform their own marketing quickly realise how difficult it can be.  It’s not only time consuming, but it’s also tough to come up with high-quality angles for your content that engages your target audience.

However, struggling to write content doesn’t have to mean you’re unable to create or distribute it.  And it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t see substantial returns from it.  The solution is to outsource.

According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, up to 44% of businesses now outsource their content writing, and up to 57% of businesses outsource their content writing, their editing, and their design.

Why do they do this?  Because it’s beneficial.

Below are four compelling reasons to outsource your company’s content.

1. It’s Easy to Scale

If you choose to go down the route of hiring an in-house content team, you’re taking a risk.

You may need to hire a lot of writers in a short space of time to keep up with demand.  And when you don’t need as much content, you may be forced to lay off some of your staff to avoid losing money.

When you hire a content creation agency, you are only limited by your budget.  When you need a lot of content, you can outsource it to an established agency and get it ghostwritten quickly.  And when you don’t need any content, you aren’t being forced to pay wages to people who have nothing to do.  This is a huge bonus for a startup company.

2. Your Team Can Specialise

Some small businesses opt to hire content marketers who can take care of every aspect of the marketing process.  However, while this sounds good, it can also be problematic.

If your marketers need to come up with creative ideas, write blog posts, distribute content, send out press releases, update social media feeds and more, they won’t have the time to create the high-quality posts that a content marketing agency specialises in.

With content being the most important part of marketing, it makes sense to outsource this to an agency that can purely focus on its creation, rather than hoping your in-house staff can fit it in when they have the time.

3. Stay on Google’s Good Side

We mentioned above how many jobs an in-house marketer can be expected to complete.  Another thing worth mentioning here is Google.

How many times have small businesses been targeted by Google for things that were previously above board?  Do your in-house staff have the time to keep up to date with the content marketing landscape?  The answer is likely ‘no’.

A good content marketing agency will ensure they remain on top of Google’s rules.  They understand how to write posts that meet an audience’s needs while staying on Google’s good side.  They are worth the money.

4. An Agency Can Target Different Clients

Speak to one content writer and ask them what they specialise in.  It may be a specific type of writing – press releases, for example – or it may be a specific industry, such as travel.  A good content writing agency has many different writers working for them, enabling you to get high-quality content written by experts on as many different topics as required.

Whether you need blog posts writing about cryptocurrencies and the financial landscape, or web content writing for a travel agent, a content agency can match their writers to your needs.

The end result is higher quality content that targets the specific audience segment you are aiming to attract.

Don’t DIY

When you first start a business, it is easy to think you will be able to handle everything yourself until you grow.  However, growth often happens overnight, and by that time you’ll wish you had an agency in place to help you with your content.

You wouldn’t try doing your taxes without the help of an accountant, so why would you do the same for your content?

Writing content is tough, really tough if you don’t know what you’re doing.  And while many people believe outsourcing will only lead to poor quality content, the opposite is actually true.  When you work with a skilled agency like ours, you will receive:

  • Well written content, whenever you need it
  • Content that meets Google’s latest practices
  • Articles that are written with both your readers and the search engines in mind.
  • Different types of content on various subjects
  • 100% original content that is written with your brand in mind
  • Increased engagement and conversions

With 93% of businesses now using content as part of their marketing, don’t be left behind.  Contact us today and ask us to help!