6 Reasons Why Collaboration Can Help Your Business


Amazing things happen when we work together. Where would mankind be if different tribes had not collaborated to ensure their mutual survival? Extinct is the answer!

It’s no different in the world of business. Collaboration greases the wheels of commerce. This is why big brands work hard to form partnerships with celebrity influencers and the Beckhams are worth several hundred million.

Everyone’s a winner when you collaborate on tasks. Here are the main reasons why collaboration can give your business a significant boost.

Share the workload

Pool your skills and share the workload. It leads to far greater productivity.

Most people are not polymaths. We are usually skilled in one area and rely on other people to help us with the tasks we are less knowledgeable on. This is why businesses hire Ink Elves to produce their content. Writing is a specialist skill. Not everyone can string a coherent sentence together – or produce an engaging piece of content. Writing is our bread and butter, so it stands to reason we are good at it.

It’s no different in other areas of business. If marketing is not your forte, it makes sense to work with a marketing expert. Ditto a bookkeeper.

You might learn something!

When two people with different skill sets come together in a mutually beneficial collaboration, it’s inevitable that they will each learn something new. This is a good thing. We can all benefit from learning opportunities. So, if you forge a collaboration with a new business partner, to paraphrase JFK, ask not what they can do for you, but what you can learn from them.


Problems will inevitably arise. That’s life. Collaboration can help you come up with innovative solutions to tricky problems. This is why a lot of professional people rely on a mentor. Mentors don’t just provide emotional support – they are there to talk you through problems and help you find workable solutions.

It’s always good to collaborate with a business partner or employee, but sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes from outside the business is required. Forming a collaboration lets you add new skills, viewpoints, and experiences to the mix.

Networking opportunities

Collaborating with new people is a valuable networking opportunity. Together you can reap the benefits of each other’s network of contacts. Whether you go through their LinkedIn contacts or ask them to introduce you to prospects in their inner circle; it benefits both of you. Naturally, it works both ways, so be prepared for some quid pro quo.

Desperately seeking inspiration

Do you feel as if you lack inspiration? Do you suspect you could do with some new ideas? If so, a timely collaboration could give you renewed enthusiasm for your project or business. Maybe a new perspective is what you need. Or perhaps you are struggling to come up with a workable solution to a dilemma.

We can all benefit from inspiration. Especially if we are feeling a bit down. Talking with new people, sharing fresh ideas, and finding a new context for existing ideas can all help dig us out of a rut. If your creativity has taken a nosedive recently, perhaps it’s time for a collaboration with someone in your niche?

The artworld is a good example of where collaboration can make a huge difference. Many artists spend a significant part of their time working alone, in a creative bubble. There is nothing wrong with this but forging a collaborative partnership can spark new ideas and trigger amazing work.

Gaugin and Van Gogh had a huge influence on each other’s work, which was extremely beneficial to both of them, even if their brief time together triggered one of Van Gogh’s mental breakdowns. Art and fashion are two similar fields that also lend themselves to collaboration. Elsa Schiaparelli’s artistic collaboration with Salvador Dalí inspired the wonderful ‘Organza Dinner Dress with Painted Lobster’, which was worn by Wallis Simpson for a Vogue spread in 1937.

Save the pennies

Last but not least, collaborations can help your business save money, which is never something to be sniffed at. Think about it. By collaborating with another party, you are effectively doubling your budget for the task. A bigger budget means more bang for your buck.

Trade fairs are a good example. By sharing a booth with a business that offers complementary services, you will attract more foot traffic – and both of you will benefit.

There doesn’t need to be a big financial outlay when you collaborate with a business in your niche. Think creatively and see what you can both bring to the table. You don’t even need to be in the same room or even country thanks to collaborative tools like Trello and Slack. Use technology to your advantage and save time in the process.

There really are no downsides to forging a mutually beneficial collaborative relationship but pick your partner carefully. Choose someone you can work with on a personal level. After all, if there is a huge personality clash, it could have far-reaching effects and neither of you will benefit from the relationship.

We’d love to collaborate with you on your content marketing. Contact us today for a quote and see what a positive difference professionally written content makes to your brand.