Let's make that robot writing sound a bit more human.

Generative AI has transformed the SEO industry. 

Not that long ago, programs like ChatGPT were mainly whispered about by students trying to cheat their way through assignments, but now, people use ChatGPT for pretty much everything.

  • Need to break up with your boo? Get ChatGPT to pen an empathetic yet firm email.
  • Ready to tell your boss to stick his job? Ask Jasper to compose a polite and respectful
  • resignation letter.
  • Need some product descriptions for a website that sells forklifts? Bard has you covered.

Why use AI-generated content?

Using AI to generate content can be an efficient way to produce a large volume of text quickly and
Some key benefits of using AI content generation include:
Speed – AI tools can instantly create content, allowing you to scale content
production. Whereas a human writer may spend hours on an article, an AI tool can generate
one in seconds.
Cost – AI content is far less expensive per word or article than human
writers. The time and cost savings allow for more content to be produced.
Customisation – Many AI writing tools will enable you to customise the tone, voice, keywords, and
other parameters to fit your brand voice and SEO goals. This level of control isn’t always
possible when outsourcing.
Ideation – AI tools can take your prompts and ideas and expand them rapidly, helping
you ideate and brainstorm topics and angles you may not have considered.

Sounds good, right?

There is nothing generative AI can’t do nowadays, which is why it’s proving valuable.

But while programs like ChatGPT, Bard, and Jasper do a smashing job at creating content, they’re not perfect.

We’ve experimented with most of the top generative AI programs and have found several common issues. The main ones are:


Content written by AI should, in theory, be perfect. However, that’s not the case. Grammar and
punctuation errors do creep in. Words are merged. Words may be missing mid-sentence. And that’s not all.

While modern generative AI is a million times better than the early programs, it still needs editing.


One issue that frequently arises is repetition. Since AI tools are rewriting existing content, some repetition is inevitable.

We have found that AI loves to repeat the same information in the same article. This is often
a problem when the person prompting the AI program asks for additional content to extend the word count. The AI will generate more text while repeating some of what it’s already given you.

You might not spot the repetition unless you edit the content with a fresh eye.

The format of AI-generated articles can also come across as repetitive unless they are edited. AI repeatedly uses the exact same stock phrases again and again.

Hardly surprising, given all AI does is regurgitate the same information, but you do need to watch out for this.

Inaccurate content

While AI programs have been trained using billions of terabytes of data, they don’t know
everything. And if there isn’t much information available, they tend to make it up.

Any content generated by AI must be fact-checked. Chances are, if a study is referenced or factual data is included, it is fake. Not always, but often enough to give readers pause for thought.

AI programs like ChatGPT can be surprisingly creative with the nonsense they spout!

Word count

Ask AI to write a 1,000-word article, and you might only get 600 words of usable content.

What our editors check for with AI content

As well as the above, our professional editors will review your content for the following:

Logic and flow – Does the narrative flow logically? Are cause-and-effect relationships clear?
Structure – Is the piece structured appropriately for the chosen format and audience? For
example, include headers, appropriate paragraph lengths, and web skimmability.
Originality – We always verify the content is original using Copyscape.
Brand voice – Does the tone and voice match the client or publication’s house style guide?
The language should be adjusted to align
Engaging and compelling – Even technically correct content falls flat without the creativity,
wit, emotion, and energy in the best human writing. Editors will punch up dry passages.

By having an editor thoroughly review AI-generated content, you can overcome many of the current limitations of AI writing technologies. Instead of dry, generic content, you can publish interesting content with a human feel. Content that has a touch of humour and personality.

Google doesn’t have anything against AI content, but it does say content must meet EEAT guidelines, i.e. it must indicate Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.
Unless you edit AI content, it’s unlikely to meet Google’s stringent guidelines.

Why work with us for AI editing?

Given the level of scrutiny required around AI content, partnering with an experienced content editing agency like Ink Elves brings several advantages over attempting to handle all the quality assurance in-house.

Reasons to use a professional AI editing service include:

1. Saving Time – Editing AI content properly requires considerable time checking accuracy, logic, grammar, structure, and more. We handle this so you don’t have to. Send us your AI content and let us fact-check and fix any other issues it may have.
2. Expertise – Our qualified editors specialise in refining and enhancing content. They have the
skills to efficiently polish rough AI drafts.
3. Style Guide Adherence – We will ensure the final edited piece aligns with your brand voice and content style guide.
4. Credibility Preservation – By correcting substantive errors and flaws, we ensure AI content
holds up to reader scrutiny and protects your brand reputation.

The human touch transforms good AI content into great publishable content.

Ink Elves can be an extension of your team while providing skills and quality assurance that are hard to match in-house.

This hybrid approach allows businesses to leverage the efficiency of AI writing while preserving the nuance, accuracy, and trust only achieved through experience and editing expertise. You can publish content confidently by taking advantage of our AI editing service.

AI and humans work best together. AI provides the raw drafts at scale, Ink Elves refines the material into compelling, error-free content for your audience.