How to Write Great Product Reviews

Laura Ginn

There are all kinds of things you can write for blogs and other websites that can help promote a product or service, but one that can be very powerful is a positive review. If you want to write a review of a product you believe in and are trying to market, or have been asked to review something for a site such as a tech blog, then there are a few things to consider that can help you make the article as useful as possible for the readers, as well as highlighting what is great about the product. Here are some tips for writing really good product reviews:

Give the Details Up Front

Before you get into your opinion of the product and what makes it special, or even how it performed in any testing you did, you want to tell your readers exactly what it is and why you would use it. In the case of a new gadget or a unique thing like an app, you should be describing what it does, who it is for, and what problems it aims to solve, as well as giving any specifics in terms of its design. If it is something that people already understand the general concept of, such as a smartphone or a bike, you should give the specifications of the product and any other statistics people are usually interested in when comparing these kinds of products. This is especially important when dealing with tech gear, as people will want to know things like its memory capacity, operating system, hardware compatibility, and specifics like how many megapixels its camera has.

These things may seem a bit boring and stiff to write about in general, so use your discretion. If it makes more sense to simply give a table or bulleted list with these kinds of details rather than writing about them, do this, but make sure you do provide this kind of information as well as writing about your own experiences or views on the product.

Write About the Things Your Readers Care About

If you want your review to really engage your readers, it has to answer the questions they have about the product. If you are writing about something that is the only product of its kind, for example an app that serves a specific niche purpose, you should be explaining why this product makes life easier than not having it. People want to know what they stand to gain from owning it and where it will add value for them. If you are writing about something that has many other comparable products, for example sports equipment, a laptop or a cosmetic product, you need to really think about what somebody would want to know if they were trying to decide whether or not to buy it, What these questions are will depend on a number of factors. If it is a product at the budget end of the market, you want to talk about why it offers good value for money, whereas if it is a high end professional grade product, you will need to explain just why it offers something standard rivals don’t.

The final thing to consider is how you conclude your review. Usually, a good way to do this is with a final decision on whether or not you would buy this item or recommend it. Usually you will be writing with the aim of promoting the product to some degree, so your conclusion should be positive, though you can include caveats appropriate to the review, for example that you would recommend the product to a beginner, but would suggest a higher end product for someone with different needs (if you are dealing with a budget product).

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