So You Think You Know Social Media?

Laura Ginn

All of a sudden, we’re living in a world where almost everyone knows social media. It’s been around for years now, and even those people who don’t know it by name probably update their status several times a day on one site or another.  So surely that means we all know how to get the best out of these sites for our business right? Well possibly not. In this post we debunk a few myths that seem to have found their way into thinking for more than a few people. Get these false truths out of your system and start making social media work for you today!

The More Sites, the Better

A lot of people who use social media for their business tend to create a profile for every social media site going. They are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and a whole host of other minor sites. They think this is a good idea, but of course, they can’t do any of these accounts justice, because they are simply spread too thin. This is not the only reason why you should avoid some of the social media sites out there. It’s important to do a bit of research to find out which sites are most suitable for your business. You’re far better off going for two or three relevant social media sites, and updating them regularly and becoming an important player in your niche on that site.

No Return on Investment

This is something we hear bandied about so often, but it simply isn’t true! People who work hard on their social media sites, and who do it smartly, will always benefit directly from it. People find businesses on social media sites these days, and it’s the perfect place to demonstrate your worth to your public and your potential clients. There are so many users on social sites these days, so you really have the opportunity to reach a huge audience with any posts from your social sites. This will generate leads for you and your business, which of course will mean one thing – a return on the time you have invested!

More Posts Equals More Success

This idea stems from people trying to explain that a good presence on social sites leads to better performance. This is true, but the truth of this statement does not lie in numbers. Of course you have to be active, but the importance really is in the quality of your offering. There is no sliding scale which says that ten posts are good but twenty posts are better. Also, if you are constantly barking about your products, then this will be viewed as spam. The important part of using social media is being active, and offering more than just a sales page. Be a part of a community, try to help people, and, occasionally, tell them about your great products or services which can help them!

There’s No Need to Monitor Social Media Output

People seem to think that social media is all about chatting, and getting on with people. Of course this helps, but you have to have a plan, and you need to make sure you are monitoring the success of that plan as you go. This will allow you to tweak what you are doing, to make sure you get results. Being a part of the bigger picture isn’t enough. If you monitor the responses to your posts, and get an understanding of the sort of posts that provoke discussion and positive vibes amongst your followers, then it follows that more posts in this vein will help your business. It’s right to have a broad approach to your social media offerings, but it’s completely wrong to assume that what you are doing is working.

Social media can be such a strong suit in terms of online business, and we like to think we’re specialists in the field! If your social media performance is not what you would have hoped for, no matter what you seem to try to do, then why not talk to us about how we can help your business to perform online?