“Laura has been an absolute delight to work with. I am completely floored by her commitment, her hard work and her dedication. From the day we have begun collaborating, her sheer professionalism has never ceased to amaze me. Given the opportunity, I would be very keen to work with her for a very long time to come :-)”

Dimitry, Consultant at Guest Posting Services


“Laura is one of the best freelancer-copywriter I have ever meet. All tasks are alway done on time and with extremely high quality.

I remember that day when my work-mates presented me volume of task that their freelancers done during a week time. Then I presented what Laura done in one day only. No one could believe how much tasks Laura can finalize in 24 hours.

Apart from that everyone who was ever working with Laura probably can feel that she really enjoy being a freelance copywriter. And no matter how hard she needs to work she is always happy to take more tasks. That makes Laura one of the hardest and happiest working person I’ve ever met. Thanks and good luck.”

Lukasz Zelezny, Top 10 UK Advertising and Marketing Influencer


“We utilise the services of Ink Elves on a monthly basis and I can say categorically they are our most reliable content provider – Laura and the team ALWAYS deliver work on time, to a great standard and as specified. I never have any issues whatsoever with the delivery of content and that is testimony to the abilities of Ink Elves, because we regularly send very large batches of content over and deadlines are always met. Laura’s communication is excellent and I recommend Ink Elves to all of our clients on a very regular basis.”

Gareth Mailer, Founder of Clickwork Media


“Ink Elves have been commissioned to write for various websites in our portfolio, including Pingler.com.  The articles supplied vary according to the websites but every single article that has been posted is of the highest quality; informative, entertaining and comprehensible.  There are no grammatical or spelling mistakes, the content is well researched and compiled in a manner which is easy to follow.  We consider Ink Elves part of our team, their enthusiasm and dedication have always been exemplary.”

Nathaly Dedeyan – for Pingler.com, Travel London and Travel Britain


“We have been working with Ink Elves since late 2011 and since then Laura and her team have been responsible for 90% of the content creation of our company.  Even though we have never met it feels like she is 100% part of our team. Articles are always on time and are of good quality. Communication is easy and replies are always swift.  As in real life and as in real teams working together there was some miscommunication but these were resolved immediately. I would definitely recommend Ink Elves to anybody who is in need of original content. And we will keep working with Ink Elves as long as we can.”

Rutger Thole, Founder of Book Your Dive


I have been working with Laura since January 2012, and since then she has provided lots of articles for my projects. The articles are always well researched and are always delivered on time, or even beforehand. It is very easy working with Laura, and I simply love working with her! If you need high quality content at a reasonable price, then you need Ink Elves!

Dercacenco Inessa – SeoZone Inc


“We have used Laura extensively for various types of content creation for our website over the past year. We have found Laura extremely helpful, prompt and above all a fantastic writer, and will not hesitate to use her again”.

James Baddiley, CEO and Founder of Chillisauce


“I love the fast email communication and the way that everything is always really simple and clear… and of course the work is flawless! The work that I ask for is always written well and it has attracted many visitors to my website.”

Ronald C – Owner of Health Guidance


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Eric Borgos – Impulse Communications, Inc.


“Ink Elves has been a great source of health articles for our health blog. Laura has provided us with high quality content in a timely manner and was always willing to adjust to our time frames and necessities. Her work was always flawless and our only task was to publish the articles with no other changes needed. We were impressed by her fast delivery times and dedication to her work. However, in the rare occurrence when we considered that Laura missed covering the entire subject of an article, we did mention that and she was very prompt in editing and completing the post. We recommend Ink Elves to everyone interested in high quality content creation at an optimal price/quality ratio.”

Ace – Healthadel