The Art of Copywriting

Laura Ginn

If you’re used to having to fill up space on your blog or find new, interesting content with which to spruce up your website, you’ll know all about the difficulties of copywriting. Coming up with inspiration, getting the feel just right, and making sure you are writing in a style that fits with the page you are writing for are just some of the problematic areas of this tricky old business!

From a technical point of view, copywriting is nothing more than writing copy, generally speaking, for the purpose of advertising or marketing. Of course, it can be all of this, something entirely different to this, and anything in between, and this is often the problem.  For many novice writers, it can be difficult to know how to approach any type of work, but luckily, there are a few golden rules which, if obeyed, can really help you to create something that is actually going to be rewarding for the reader to read! Here are a few wonderful tips that should help you to focus to write in the right way, about anything.

Talk To One Person Only and Appeal To Their Senses

Before you start writing, try to imagine you are putting onto a page, information for one person only. It’s easy to imagine that you have to supply work that is going to appeal to a diverse and large audience, but this will only dilute the message you are trying to deliver. Be focused on what you want to say, and say it! Remember that any one person who reads your work is going to respond with standard human emotions, so work towards creating emotion, desire, a need or a want, or even a resolution. Your subject matter will dictate exactly which emotion your work focuses on of course.

Get the Readers Attention

The old ones are always the best! It’s an age old rule that most of us were probably taught in primary school when having our first stab at creative writing. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that information that is presented in a boring way isn’t going to appeal, but it’s very easy to forget all about the enjoyment the reader is meant to gain from reading your work!

Try to remember that people, unfortunately, will skim through what you write, so you can’t just grab attention in the opening paragraph – you have to keep it! For this reason, always include sub headings to alert readers of sections of the text that might particularly appeal to their interests, and of course, if you have time, try to think about every sentence in whatever you write, because each and every one of them has to try to hold the readers interest!

Stick to the Positives!

There’s nothing worse than negative copy! In fact, there should be no such thing. No matter how broad your copy is, it is always copy, which means you are always trying to sell something, so being negative in any way can be a turn off to people. A positive sell is the only sort of sell, so make sure you understand the features and benefits of anything you are talking about, and get to extolling those virtues!

Go In Search Of Elves!

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