Why Unpopular Opinion Posts Are Guaranteed to Boost Traffic

Laura Ginn

Do you want more visitors to your website or blog? Do you wish you could get more engagement on your social media? Then, it’s time to consider writing an unpopular opinion piece.

What is an unpopular opinion? It’s when you state something that most people disagree with or find controversial. These posts spark discussion and debate, driving more internet traffic.

Here’s why unpopular opinion pieces can boost your online presence:

They Get Clicks

Human psychology is naturally drawn to the unconventional. We can’t help but wonder what someone has to say when they claim their viewpoint goes against the grain. As soon as readers see your headline stating an unpopular view, their curiosity will be piqued, and they’ll click to see what you have to say.

Once you get them to your website or blog this way, you can direct them to other products or services you offer. The unpopular opinion piece worked as clickbait to bring them in initially.

They Generate Comments

The debate sparked by unpopular opinions drives people to voice their thoughts. They’ll head to the comments section to agree or refute what you said. This back-and-forth between those who support you and those who oppose your view will continue for days, weeks, or even months after publishing.

All of this commenting activity signals to social media algorithms that your content is engaging. As a result, your posts will be shared to more user feeds, expanding your audience. Comments also boost your page’s dwell time as visitors stick around to join the conversation.

They Can Go Viral

If your unpopular opinion post really strikes a nerve in people, it can easily go viral across social platforms. Outraged, supportive, or incredulous readers will copy and paste the link to their own pages. Your content gets shared rapidly as people insist their networks read what you wrote.

Thanks to viral transmission, your traffic will surge as thousands discover your site or profile. It doesn’t even matter if people agree with you. The mere fact that you gave a hot take or controversial stance makes them want to see it.

Getting more web visitors, comments, and viral shares – that’s the power of unpopular opinion.

Tips for Writing Successful Unpopular Opinion Pieces

Want to give this online marketing tactic a try? Here are some tips:

  • Don’t fabricate too much. Readers can usually tell when someone is exaggerating just to get clicks. Make sure you genuinely believe in the basic argument.
  • Consider your target audience and what they hold dear. Then, state an unpopular view that counters that. If your audience is liberals, take a conservative stance.
  • Title it appropriately, like “Here’s Why I’m Against X Even Though Most People Support It.” Outline the debate clearly.
  • Support your points with facts and personal anecdotes. Don’t rely solely on emotions; give logical reasons, too.
  • Address the counterargument. Bring it up yourself to show you see the opposite viewpoint. This makes you seem more credible in your position against the majority opinion.
  • Close by asking for feedback and promising to engage in discussion. Make it conversational.
  • Above all, be careful. There’s a difference between stating that mint ice cream is the only ice cream that should be sold and writing something so horrific you alienate all your readers.

Now You Know – Unpopular Opinions Bring Visitors

Who would have guessed that going against the crowd could work so well to drive online engagement? It’s just human psychology that people pay attention when they encounter unique viewpoints different from their own.

Leverage this to bring more eyeballs to your content. See the traffic and subscriber numbers rise! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Sometimes, business success means daring to be boldly original rather than blending in. So, set yourself apart with smartly crafted unpopular opinion pieces. Reap all the benefits of views, comments, shares, and new followers.

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