4 Evergreen SEO Strategies That Will Always Work

Laura Ginn

Whenever you invest a great deal of time, effort, and funds into an SEO campaign, there’s always a degree of doubt about whether you’ll see a high ROI from everything you’re doing. Great results take time to materialise, so it’s not always quickly apparent which methods are working the best. When you finally do find something that works, then there’s the fear that it might not always perform as well in the future. If you’re looking for sure fire techniques that are pretty much guaranteed to work, consider the following four evergreen SEO strategies:

Evergreen SEO1. Building Web Presence with Content Marketing

Every search engine is designed to lead its users to the most accurate and useful results. Typically, the quality of a page is judged by its overall popularity online as measured by how many people have linked to it, how many visitors it receives, and too many other factors to mention. Some marketers focus on improving these attributes artificially while trying to get by without providing any real value to site visitors. Instead, focus on developing content that is worthy of being shared and liked and you’ll never have a problem gaining authority in the SERPs. This approach has been responsible for the sustained success of many well-known content marketing brands such as UK-based Go Mungo SEO and will undoubtedly continue to work for years to come.

2. Producing and Distributing Engaging Media

Aside from written content, visual media is another crucial component in a comprehensive content marketing campaign. Research has shown that pages with interesting videos and infographics typically keep visitors around longer. Search engines can detect how long someone stays on your site before returning to click on a different result. Time on page, session duration, and repeat visitor ratio are some of the most important metrics that are reliably enhanced by the presence of engaging video or imagery.

3. Active and Aggressive Approach to Social Networking

Search engines like Google are giving a lot of weight to social networking signals because they are a reliable source of user feedback. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and others do a pretty good job of moderating and preventing large amounts of fake users or spam, so when a blog post gets 50,000 likes or shares, that’s a reliable indicator that the content is useful. Thus, working to maintain a solid social media presence will continue to be a key aspect of boosting a site’s authority for the foreseeable future.

4. Refining and Delivering a Satisfactory Experience

Finally, regularly refining and enhancing the user experience through ongoing analysis and adjustment is perhaps the most reliable campaign management strategy that search engines will never stop rewarding. Ask your visitors for feedback, use cross-testing, and put yourself in the visitor’s shoes to ensure that everything is optimised continually.

Preparing a Seasoned Site for All Seasons

To avoid being caught in the cold with no leaves (or links) when the next big update punishes all the sites that have been using deciduous SEO tactics, consider opting for evergreen efforts like those listed above instead. You’ll thank yourself later on, and it feels better knowing that you’re doing things legitimately rather than trying to cheat the search engines.