How to Become a Published Writer

Laura Ginn

Seeing a piece of your written work, be it a novel or even a “How To” book, in print, is a dream many aspire to. Once upon a time, becoming a published author was almost impossible unless you were exceptionally talented, very lucky, and in the right place at the right time (and in most cases all three). Publishing houses rarely accepted unsolicited manuscripts and therefore the only way for an unknown writer to avoid having their book tossed on to the slush pile was to acquire an agent first. But times have changed and with the advent of e-Publishing anyone can become a published writer with a few clicks of the mouse.

The Art of Writing

Most people assume that writing a book is easy. Or at least they do until they actually sit down and try to write one. Writing is a skill just like any other: it takes time and practice to become proficient at writing. But technical proficiency is not the only skill you need if you want to become a successful writer. You also need to come up with an original idea for your book (unless you are writing a non-fiction piece).

What to Write About?

The key to publishing success is to write something everyone else wants to read. It is a bit difficult to be truly original when you consider just how much content is out there in the big wide world, but even a new take on an old story can work well if your writing style is unique. Look around and see what’s currently popular, then have a go at writing something in the same genre. A few years ago, vampire stories were all the rage, but these days hard-core erotica is more popular than teenage bloodsuckers.

The Importance of a Pen Name

A lot of writers publish work under their own name. This is great if you want the thrill of having your friends and neighbours discovering you have written a novel. However, be warned: if your work is of a racy or salacious nature, you are advised to publish your work under a pen name unless you fancy becoming the talk of the village at a later date.

The e-Publishing Process

Once you have written your book, edited it to remove errors and created an enticing cover, publishing it online is very easy. Amazon Kindle has a simple walk-through process for any would-be author. All you have to do is register and in no time at all you will be able to see your books in the Kindle store. Books published on Amazon Kindle are available to readers all over the world, which means you stand a far greater chance of achieving literary success.

Make a Million

Some writers are lucky enough to make millions from their e-Book sales, but sadly these authors are few and far between. It is possible make a good living from publishing e-Novels online, but you have to target the right niche and be a good writer at the same time. However, don’t give up too soon. Keep writing and honing your skills and eventually you might just hit the jackpot.