How to Write Marketing Blogs Your Clients Will Actually Read

Laura Ginn

There are approximately 1.8 billion websites online today. Not all of these are active. Nevertheless, that’s a lot of material.

The sheer diversity of online web content has created a big problem for web marketers. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract and hold an audience’s attention. Data published in 2014 revealed a horrifying truth. Contrary to what naïve marketers believed, the average visitor spent less than 15 seconds perusing a website.

So, was all that effort spent writing blogs and web content in vain?

Actually, no.

Interesting content still draws in readers. The internet is our biggest resource. We all use it as our personal encyclopedia. Need answers to a burning question? Ask Google. Need advice on a tricky issue? Ask Reddit.

The Truth is Out There!

The drive for information works in our favor when we are a content marketer. If we target the right topics, people will read the content we produce. But not everyone gets it right.

Fluff won’t cut it. You can’t wing it by waffling about random stuff you dreamed up after ten cups of coffee. It’s also a bad idea to recycle the same old content in a new wrapper. Your audience is more discerning than that.

Keyword Research

No self-respecting marketer can afford to ignore keywords. They can make or break a marketing campaign. Use them as a framework for content.

SEMrush is a great tool for keyword research. Analyse domains and carry out in-depth keyword research.

Write Relevant Content

Think about your target reader. What questions do they have? When they visit your website, what are they looking for?

Once you have the answers, you have topics. The aim of the game is to write useful content. Stay away from generic topics covered a million times already. Drill down deeper.

Instead of writing a beauty blog about ‘Makeup Tips for Students’, dig into the detail. Write a post about ‘Why Waterproof Mascara Is Every Student’s Must-have Makeup Item’.

It’s way more interesting.

Research for Topic Ideas

If you are struggling for inspiration, conduct some online research. Reddit is an excellent resource. Visit Reddit and you enter a crazy rabbit warren of diverse subreddits. Find one that relates to your business and see what people are talking about. It’s bound to throw up a few interesting, topical ideas.

Social media is also helpful. Twitter trends are often very revealing if you’re looking to write a news-style post.

Don’t ignore Quora either. Whilst some questions on Quora are clearly contrived, many are genuine. Start using Quora questions as a starting point for marketing blogs.

Try Different Types of Post

Writing the same type of post week in and week out is boring for you, let alone your readers. Mix it up a little.

  • Listicles are always popular, as are how-to guides.
  • Flesh out your FAQs page with more in-depth content.
  • Share some personal stories to humanize your business.

Marketing posts are a valuable tool in your arsenal. Don’t turn off your clients with boring, generic content.

This is a golden opportunity to build your brand, so embrace it with open arms!