Ink Elves Reopen Their Article Store

Laura Ginn

With the New Year now well underway, many businesses are taking steps to attract more customers, whilst continuing to impress the ones that they currently have.  The time for relaxation is now over, and it’s time to return to business with a clear head.  Ink Elves has always been a writing company that is known for its innovation, as well as its friendly approach to clients.  To celebrate the start of a new year, Laura Ginn, the founder of the company, has reopened the Ink Elves article store.  Here, Laura reviews 2014 and explains why she has reopened the store.

Ink Elves Store

‘2014 was an okay year for Ink Elves, but it was by no means our best’ said Laura Ginn, owner of Ink Elves Copywriting Company.  ‘We had a few issues with the Google updates at the beginning of the year, and struggled to recover from them.  That is why, this year, we are taking giant steps to innovate our company.  We hope that this will not only help our existing companies, but also attract new ones.

Whilst it is possible to buy articles from other websites and forums online, Laura believes that the Ink Elves store will offer something a little different to the competition.  ‘We have always been known as a friendly company, and this is something that we want our customers to see throughout 2015.  The Ink Elves store will be as easy to use as possible, and I will be at the end of an email to answer any questions that customers have’, said Laura.  ‘Furthermore, we guarantee that all of the articles we sell will be extremely high in quality.  Written by native English speakers, and proofread by professional editors, we stand by the quality of our content’.

The Ink Elves team is currently working hard to add new content to the store.  With a large category selection for customers to work their way through, there is an infinite amount of content that could be added over the coming weeks and months.

‘The reason we are reopening the store is to help customers who need content quickly.  We usually ask for a five day turnaround time for bespoke orders, but sometimes this just isn’t quick enough for our clients.  By utilising the store, a customer can find a suitable article, purchase it, and download it, in as little as five minutes.  Each article is sold with a full rights license, meaning that it can only be purchased once, and once it has been downloaded it will be deleted from the store.  Customers are free to use the purchased article in any way they wish.’

The Ink Elves team is working as hard as possible to make 2015 a year to remember, and hope to improve the level of service that their clients receive.  You can find the Ink Elves store at