WordPress Blog Management

Ink Elves WordPress Blog Management is for People with More Important Things to Do

Blogs are a powerful tool. You can use a blog to share the latest news, drive awareness of your products, and interact with customers. Search engines love fresh content, so maintaining a blog is an easy way to update website content regularly.

We Love WordPress

Our clients love WordPress and so do we. WordPress powers 25% of all websites. It is easy to use and simple to customise, but to maximise your online position, you need to regularly update your WordPress blog. This involves writing new posts, uploading them, adding images and video content, and interacting with commenters.

The Pressures of Managing a Blog

Managing a blog can be a time consuming affair if you want to keep it populated with fresh content. Businesses often start out with the best of intentions, posting new blogs every week and promoting them on social media. However, as the weeks and months pass, the pressures of running the business take precedence and blog management slips to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ pile. Before long site traffic stalls and the blog loses momentum.

Let Us Help You

If time is something you have very little of, don’t worry because you are not alone. Ink Elves provides a hassle-free WordPress blog management service for our busy clients. We recognise that you have better things to do than write and post blogs. We can take care of all aspects of your blog management, from writing and scheduling posts, to adding pictures and other media. This will free up your valuable time.

The Ink Elves writers are experienced in the art of producing high-quality web content. We can write keyword rich, interesting and engaging content that fits your blog. We can add suitable images if required, and link to other relevant pages on your website.

A Flexible Service

The Ink Elves WordPress blog management service is 100% flexible. We are here to serve your needs. If you want a long-term blog management service, no problem, but if all you need is a short-term hiatus from the pressures of maintaining your blog, we can take over for as long as you need us to. All you have to do is respond to commenters and promote the posts on social media. Simples!

For more information about the Ink Elves WordPress blog management service, contact us today for a no obligation chat.