5 Newbie Article Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Laura Ginn

The demand for content writers is on the rise since people rely heavily on the internet for information. It is the responsibility of the writer to provide the reader with useful and accurate information. Sadly, the quality of writing is not consistent among all article contributors. Apart from grammatical and spelling errors, there are certain pitfalls in content writing that contributors continuously keep falling into. The reason for this recurrence is mainly the fact that most are unaware of these issues and thus consider them to be unintentional mistakes. If you are a new article writer, do make sure that you avoid the following writing mistakes at all costs:


You Are Not Clear On Your Audience

In order for an article to be productive, it must be catered exactly to the needs of the reader. This is why writers should always keep the reader and their requirements in mind when writing. Create a client profile and adapt your writing style accordingly. Try writing in their way of speaking and incorporate frequently used terms if possible.

Your Article is Not Focused

Writing without having a point of focus can make your article confusing. Even if the article is supposed to be written for a particular topic, some find quite difficult to keep the content focused. This is because there is way too much information about one topic and most writers do not know what and what not to include. So make sure to draft the article wisely. Only include information that you think will be useful for the reader.

Rambling Unnecessarily

This is a problem that most beginners experience. Writing lengthy paragraphs can bore the reader and make them lose their interest in the article.  Also, it is quite impossible for the reader to pick the key points in an article when it is amidst a clutter of words. Rambling usually happens when writers think too much about the point they are trying to get across. Most stop and correct the article every time they make an error or sense something odd, without finishing the article in one-go.

Not Using Sufficient Evidence

A content writer’s work is quite similar to that of a lawyer. Without sufficient evidence, the argument is considered invalid. If you do not justify what you write, then the article is just a bunch of unproved details. What a reader expects from you is facts and information, not assumptions and conjectures.

Repeating the Introduction in the Conclusion

This mistake occurs mainly because people are not aware of the difference between an introduction and conclusion. Do not repeat what you said at the beginning, even by phrasing it differently. Remember that the introduction is where you explain the concept of the article and the conclusion is where you give an answer to the argument or sum-up the facts.

Now that you are informed about the potential errors that all article/content writers make, try to avoid them since it will not only put the reader off but will also label you as an incompetent writer.