Blogging Basics Everyone Needs To Know

Laura Ginn

The word ‘blog’ is bandied about just about everywhere these days, but not everyone understands what a blog is or what purpose it serves. They don’t even realise that they could have one if they wanted. So what is it? Well in simple terms it is just like making a regular journal entry filled with your thoughts, opinions and observations but rather than it being in a book that no one else will ever read or appreciate, a blog is online and available for the whole world to read if they want to. You could choose to write a blog as a means of self therapy, you could vent your spleen on an unforgiving and idiotic world or you could use it to promote your business, club or any other enterprise.

Blog Uses

Different internet users use blogs in different ways, for example many television news channels have begun adding a blog to their websites so that people can read up to date news stories and opinion on current affairs. Journalists too use blogs to tell the world about the things that they have found, you might only get a snippet of news on the television but on a blog you can get the full story. There are currently millions of personal blogs live on the internet. These are used by people as a kind of online journal. If you are writing about the events that happen in your life, the places you have been or your views on what is happening around you then you are what is known as a personal blogger.

Blogs are also extensively used by businesses as a form of promotion and marketing. That’s not to say that everything on these blogs is all about how great their company is and why you need to use their services. Business blogs can also contain a lot of useful and interesting information on a myriad of topics that are not necessarily linked directly to the business. For example, a DIY store may have a blog attached to their website which, rather than just highlighting the tools and equipment that they sell, will offer advice on tackling DIY jobs around the home, offer step-by-step guides to getting a job done or provide you with a range of ideas for projects that you could undertake yourself.

Blog Popularity

The more regularly that a blog is updated the more attention it receives from the internet search engines. The more the search engines like it the higher it is rated in the search listings and the more people are likely to find it. There are some personal blogs that have attracted attention around the world for the entertainment they provide, the information that is given or their unique outlook on the world. Blogs that have a large following have the potential to earn the blogger money, something that a dusty old journal in a desk drawer could never do. Anyone can start a blog, it is free and simple and you can do just about whatever you like with it to make it a reflection of your personality and style.