Desperately Seeking Inspiration to Blog? Try These Tips

Laura Ginn

Finding something to write about every day on your blog can be hard, not only are you having to come up with inspired content you also have to try to make it interesting or entertaining, otherwise who will want to read it? Posts are made less frequently as you feel yourself running out of ideas and before you know it your blog, that was once a well of information, has dried up. You need to find a way of generating ideas to keep your blog alive, and there are a number of ways that you can do it.

Following the Golden Rules

Whether you are writing a personal blog or managing the company blog there are a few rules that you should follow. Widely regarded as the golden rules they are something that all bloggers should aim to abide by.

  • Relevancy: If you are writing a business blog your posts need to reflect the company.
  • Timely: Make sure that posts run in sync with current affairs if that is the nature of your blog.
  • Frequency: Make regular posts, don’t just blog when you feel like it.
  • Personable: Make sure that your posts are written in an open and friendly way.
  • Useful: If you post serves no use, why would people want to read it?

Where to Seek Inspiration

  • Use What’s Around You: Don’t limit yourself by sticking to your own ideas, speak to the people around you they may just have some interesting thoughts. Ask them about hobbies, opinions and experiences and see what sparks your imagination. Keep in mind just what kind of blog you are writing and think about what your audience wants to read, not necessarily what your own interests are.
  • Serialise Your Posts: This is more applicable to medium term rather than long term projects. Think about producing a series of posts all based around the same subject. Not only are you increasing the relevancy of your blog in regards to that subject you are also broadening the range of information available to your readers. Consider a series of ‘How To’ articles or even product reviews. This will encourage your readers to come back to see what the next instalment with bring. Set yourself up a schedule for posting to ensure that you keep on track. Do your best to avoid repeating yourself too much though or you will kill your blog.
  • Read: The more you read the more informed you become. Read blogs that other people are writing, notice how they structure their content, also read any comments that have been made that offer feedback and see what you can do to improve the structure, appearance and worth of your own blog.
  • Invite a Guest Blogger: Invite an experienced or well known blogger to write a guest post or two – it will inject fresh life into your blog and they will likely advertise the fact that they have a guest post on your site which will in turn drive traffic to your blog.