How to Optimise Your Blog

Laura Ginn

Photo by SEO Planter
Photo by SEO Planter

There aren’t many successful websites out there which don’t have a blog running alongside them these days, but that doesn’t mean they are actually adding value to their website. If the blog is poor, it’s going to add nothing of value to the website it’s meant to be complimenting. A lot of people set up a blog when they create a website simply because it’s easy to do so, but there are so many examples of blogs online which don’t do themselves justice. Here we offer a few pointers which should help you to propel your blog to a new level, and of course help the performance of your website in so many ways.

Know Your Keywords

It’s vital that you understand which keywords you want your website to rank for. Take the time to properly research keywords for your site, and make sure you are including these words within your blog posts. Once you know your keywords, you can write articles which naturally include these words. It’s quite simple really!

Quality Over Quantity

It’s all very well wanting to have an active blog, but over producing content is not the way to go. It’s far more important that any articles you produce are informative and well written, because these will be indexed by Google, and the quality is eventually going to help your website to rank well. It’s a slow moving snowball effect, but good content is always going to outweigh lots of poorly written content.

Don’t Be Afraid to Link to Other Sites Within Your Blog

By linking to other sites you are obviously sharing your link juice, but don’t forget that it’s going to help you massively. If you link to good sites, you are showing your readership that you are open to recommending good content, which helps your readers to understand that you yourself are a good resource. Secondly, Google likes to see websites linking to other good webpages – it helps the internet to be a better place!

SEO Plugins

A quick search online is going to reveal a wealth of SEO plugins that you can use for your blog. Plugins are a fantastic help for any blogger looking to optimise a blog site. These plugins will help you with all of your different tags and meta descriptions, and simply make your blog more SEO friendly without you having to spend a huge amount of time dealing with the technical nitty gritty. For many, WordPress offers a great blogging platform along with fantastic plugins, so it might be worth changing provider if you’re using a different blogging platform.

Focus on these three areas, and you can make such a difference to both the quality of your blog, and the performance of your website. It follows that a well optimised blog will lead to a popular website, so it’s worth putting in the effort. Focus strongly on producing good content at all times, and you can’t go far wrong. Work hard on your keywords and find some great plugins, and you have absolutely no excuse not to have a fantastically well run blog!