WordPress Plugins for Dofollow and Nofollow Tags

Laura Ginn

Photo by Rob Davies
Photo by Rob Davies

We all know how important both dofollow and nofollow tags can be. For some, it can be the difference between a Google penalty, and a boost in the rankings. For others, it’s important simply for the reason that well placed dofollow and nofollow tags mean your website is operating in the way it should.

Below you’ll find some excellent plugins from WordPress which cover a wide range of eventualities.

WP Nofollow Post

This is a great plugin which allows you to place a nofollow tag on every single link on a page. Thankfully, you can dip into the settings of this particular plugin, allowing you to select certain URL’s which can be exempt from this broad approach. This means that if you want nofollow tags on eight of nine links on a page, this provides a quick and easy way to do it.


The Nofollow Link

This is a very simple, but highly useful plug in. The nofollow link is a simple and very clear icon which sits upon your visual editor toolbar, which allows you to select any link in any post and immediately make it nofollow. Quick, easy and painless, and always visible and available!

NoFollow Link

The Nofollowr Plugin

This is a great plugin if you have a wide range of different dofollow and nofollow links across your sites. This tool gives anyone looking at the admin side of your site the ability to see instantly whether or not a link within your site is dofollow or nofollow. Again, it’s a great and simple little time saver.


Nofollow Links Plugin

As with most plugins, another time saver for you. This one allows you to place a nofollow tag on any links showing up on the blogroll of your site. Once you’ve got the plugin, you’ll be able to activate the process by heading to your links section.


The Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool 2

So this plugin is never going to win the prize for the catchiest title, but it might just win a price for how useful it can be for you, but that depends on where you sit on the debate of the importance of PageRank. As you might be aware, there’s a train of thought which suggests that having nofollow links on some pages can really help with PageRank in other areas where you want it to be concentrated. The belief is that PageRank can be helped by having nofollow tags on pages such as your archived pages or category pages. This tool will enable you to quickly and easily add a nofollow tag to those links.

Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II

Smart Dofollow Plugin

An interesting one from an SEO perspective. We want dofollow links in the right places, and this plugin is a little arbitrary. The idea is that if someone comments in your comments section, this tool will automatically attribute an embedded link with a dofollow, if the comment is of a certain length. The idea of course is to avoid allowing spammers to come in and have a followed link simply by placing their link in your comments section, but of course activating this plugin is not a guarantee of giving dofollow links to the right people in the right places!

Smart DoFollow

All of these plugins can be useful, depending on your need. Have a play around with a few of them to see if they can help you in your day to day site work.