Excellent Ways to Keep the Content Ideas Flowing!

Laura Ginn

If you, like many website owners, find it difficult to continue to find things to talk about on your blog site, or if you find it hard to come up with content ideas, we’ve got you covered! We know how difficult it can be to find that seed of inspiration when you’re trying to keep your content coming, but luckily, there are some great ways to get your brain in gear! Sometimes, if you think of the way in which your content can help your customer base rather than trying to think of individual topics, you will find the ideas flow quite naturally. Here are a few key pointers which should help you out.

Teach Your Customers About Your Products/Services

It’s easy to talk about your products, but many people fail to help people understand how they can get the best out of what you are offering. The key here is not necessarily focusing on what you are selling or offering, but to focus on what they can do with what you are offering.

For instance, if you are selling jewellery on your website, you don’t have to spend all of your time talking about the quality of the piece. You might instead like to focus on how to accessorise with that particular piece of jewellery. You could also talk about social occasions where this type of jewellery would be suitable, and this will also give you an opportunity to talk about your other products. If you are trying to educate your readers, it’s far less likely that you will run out of content ideas.

Draw from Your Social Media Accounts

A great way to come up with content ideas is to let your customers provide them for you! As long as you have active social media profiles, you should have a constant stream of conversations going with the people who follow you on your chosen social media sites. With these conversations, questions inevitably arise. Granted, you should be answering these questions directly on Facebook, Twitter or Google +, but don’t be afraid to use these exchanges as a catalyst for blog posts or any other type of content your site or business requires.


A picture paints a thousand words, which is sometimes very handy if you are struggling to come up with content! If you’ve got a great idea but you are struggling to put it into words, then why not turn it into a picture? It’s a great way to get information across, and search engines love this sort of direct, informative approach. It’s a chance to get creative, and it can work well to break up large portions of text in blog sites.

Deliver the News

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on things that aren’t directly related to your individual business. If you are trying to cultivate a well followed site and business, then talking about what is going on within your industry is always going to be something of interest for your readership. Keep up to date with news sites that relate to your industry and cherry pick interesting breaking stories, and report them to your own readers – in your own words! This also gives you an opportunity to put your own spin on the story, and you can flex your muscles here a bit too, demonstrating that you are a leader in your field, with a well balanced viewpoint of the news story in question.

Of course, there are hundreds of other ways for you to engage your readers, but hopefully the content ideas above can help you out. Of course, here at Ink Elves we offer a great writing service ourselves, so if you’re still struggling to come up with content ideas that really work, we’re always happy to help!